Darby Woods Elementary School

255 Westwoods Boulevard | Galloway, Ohio 43119

Phone: (614) 801-8075 | Fax: (614) 853-1047 | Attendance: (614) 801-8076

Brian Novar, Principal

Darby Woods Elementary is currently in the Full Face to Face Learning Model

To access SWCSD's Back-to-School website, please CLICK HERE.

Kindergarten Registration

If you have a child who will turn 5 years old on or before September 30, 2021, you can register them for Kindergarten. Click on this link to visit the district website and get all the information that you'll need.

After you've registered online, you can call the school (614-801-8075) to schedule your building tour and get the details on our parent night.

May 4- we will hold an online meeting for the parents of incoming Kindergarten students from 4-5pm via Google Meet. You may join the meeting by clicking on the link HERE.

May 6- we will be conducting building tours from 5-6 pm, scheduled by appointment only. Parents will be given some handouts this evening. Children are permitted to attend, and all safety protocols including mask wearing and social distancing should be followed.

21-22 Kindergarten Welcome Videos and Slide Presentations

Below you will find the link to our welcome presentation (in both English and Spanish) which we will go over at the May 4 online meeting. That presentation has been recorded and added. You can also view the orientation video from the Ohio Department of Education regarding the Kindergarten Readiness Assessment.

Further down this page, you can find the official welcome video for all incoming Kindergarten families for South Western City Schools.

We encourage families to view all posted videos. Please contact Mr. Novar with any questions.

Kindergarten Registration Online Parent Meeting (2021-05-04 at 13:06 GMT-7)

Darby Woods Kindergarten Orientation Recorded Video 5/4/21

K Open House 2021- DWE Kindergarten Registration
Kindergarten Open House 2021-2022- DWE-Spanish

Kinsa At-Home Thermometers

This school year we are partnering with the Kinsa FLUency program. This program provides a FREE thermometer to each family that signs up. Once you sign up you will also download the Kinsa app where you can add our School Portal (Darby Woods Elementary) and you can keep track of your student temperature daily along with any symptoms they may be having. Anything you add in here is protected and private information but will allow the Nurse to see the trend of ill students in particular classrooms or areas of the building. Please see the flyer attached to sign up to get your FREE thermometer.

Click here for an informational video about the Kinsa FLUency Program.

Este enlace se interpreta en español.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact our school nurse, Paige Emmelhaniz at 614-801-8077

2020 Parent Flyer_Lysol.pdf

Supporting the Community

This year, the Darby Woods Student Council is partnering with the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society to raise money for their organization. For any families that wish to donate online, you may do so by visiting the link below. Thank you for your generosity!


The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society (LLS) Hero Squad, formerly Pennies for Patients, now reflects the collective impact students make on behalf of children battling blood cancer when they join together to raise awareness and funds in support of the LLS mission. The ultimate squad goal? Finding blood cancer cures and helping patients when it’s needed most. LLS Hero Squad unites students through teamwork, empathy and respect for others, while helping build critical STEM+ and SEL (Social & Emotional Learning) skills.

Urgent Update for Parents

Infinite Campus (IC) is the District’s Internet-based student information system. Important features of IC are the Parent Portal and NEW Mobile App. Through the IC tools parents are able to access their child’s information, such as class schedules, attendance, academic reports, transportation information, coursework, and put funds in their child’s food service account online. Parents can also designate how and where they wish to receive emergency communications, attendance calls, general announcement messages, and e-mail messages from teachers, the school, and the school district.

New accounts need an activation key. The district will be mailing those out on August 17, so save that letter if you need to create a new account.

To create an IC account, please go to: https://sites.google.com/swcsd.us/parentresources/infinite-campus/parent-portal-mobile-app

If you already have an IC account, please update your emergency contact information at: https://sites.google.com/swcsd.us/parentresources/infinite-campus/online-emergency-information-submission


Infinite Campus (IC) es el sistema de información estudiantil basado en Internet del distrito. Las características importantes de IC son el Portal para padres y la NUEVA aplicación móvil. A través de las herramientas de IC, los padres pueden acceder a la información de sus hijos, como horarios de clases, asistencia, informes académicos, información de transporte, cursos y poner fondos en línea en la cuenta de servicio de alimentos de sus hijos. Los padres también pueden designar cómo y dónde desean recibir comunicaciones de emergencia, llamadas de asistencia, mensajes de anuncios generales y mensajes de correo electrónico de los maestros, la escuela y el distrito escolar.

Las cuentas nuevas necesitan una clave de activación. El distrito los enviará por correo a mediados de agosto, así que guarde esa carta si necesita crear una nueva cuenta.

Para crear una cuenta de IC, vaya a: https://sites.google.com/swcsd.us/parentresources/infinite-campus/parent-portal-mobile-app

Si ya tiene una cuenta IC, actualice su información de contacto de emergencia en: https://sites.google.com/swcsd.us/parentresources/infinite-campus/online-emergency-information-submission

To leave a voicemail in a teachers mailbox :

1. Call (614) 801-3190.

2. Enter the teacher's mailbox number.

If you don't know the mailbox number, you can search the directory by the teacher's last name.

Click the green bar above entitled "Teacher Telephone Extensions" to access the directory.

Principal Novar and Office Staff are checking voicemails daily. Teachers will be available to check and return messages beginning Monday, August 24, 2020.

mask wear help parent.pdf

SPANISH- How to wear a mask

Materials and Chromebooks

Newly enrolled students will be offered a chromebook on their first day of in-person learning. They should plan to keep the chromebook at home and use it for summer learning opportunities.

Families that are experiencing issues with their chromebooks should first send an email to the link below. They will respond with further support and / or directions. Please do not bring broken devices directly to the building unless you've directed to do so.


PTA Corner

  • PTA Meetings are open to the parents of any Darby Woods student. We would love for you to attend! Listed below is a listing of our meeting dates and times for the 20-21 school year. Please check back often for more information and updates, and remember to check out our Facebook page too.

September 8, 6:00
October 6, 3:00 pm
November 10, 6:00 pm
December 8, 3:00 pm
January 12, 6:00 pm 19-20 Helping Hands and Outstanding Educator Award Recipients Recognized
February 9, 3:00 pm
March 9, 6:00 pm
April 13, 3:00 pm
May 11, 6:00 pm FACE TO FACE meeting at the Darby Woods library

Language Assistance Notification:

South-Western City Schools will take reasonable steps to ensure that persons with Limited English Proficiency (LEP) have meaningful access and an equal opportunity to participate in all services, activities, and programs available throughout the district. It is the policy of SWCSD to ensure meaningful communication with LEP students and families and to communicate information related to the education of all students. All services needed to comply with this policy will be provided for students and their families in need of such assistance free of charge. For assistance, please call 614-801-8075.

En Español:

South-Western City Schools tomará medidas razonables para garantizar que las personas con dominio limitado del inglés (LEP) tengan un acceso significativo y una oportunidad equitativa de participar en todos los servicios, actividades y programas disponibles en todo el distrito. Es política de SWCSD asegurar una comunicación significativa con los estudiantes LEP y sus familias y comunicar información relacionada con la educación de todos los estudiantes. Todos los servicios necesarios para cumplir con esta política se proporcionarán a los estudiantes y sus familias que necesiten dicha asistencia sin cargo. Para obtener ayuda, llame al 614-801-8075.

In Somali:

South-Western City Schools waxay qaadi doonaan talaabooyin macquul ah si loo hubiyo in shaqsiyaadka aqoonta u leh Ingiriisiga xadidan (LEP) ay helaan macno leh iyo fursad loo siman yahay inay kaga qaybgalaan dhammaan adeegyada, waxqabadyada, iyo barnaamijyada laga heli karo dhammaan degmada. Waa nidaamka SWCSD in la hubiyo in xiriir macno leh lala yeesho ardayda LEP iyo qoysaskooda loona gudbiyo macluumaadka la xiriira waxbarashada ardayda oo dhan. Dhammaan adeegyada lagama maarmaanka u ah u hoggaansanaanta siyaasaddan waxaa la siin doonaa ardayda iyo qoysaskooda u baahan caawimaaddaas oo bilaash ah. Caawimaad, wac 614-801-8075.